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Shunko types and benefits

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Shunko types and benefits Empty Shunko types and benefits

Post by Kien on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:14 am

Yoruichi, her brother, and Soi fon each found a different understanding of Shunko (Gonna be based on elements and others)

Requirement - Mastered shunko

Should be a second skill card, in case they just want normal shunko

Boosted by squad 2

Can choose type (either once or make toggle to switch)

Attack boost
Explosion (mini aoe) on punches
Can change how hot they burn (higher heat=higher drain+more boost////higher chance of burning one self+more boost)

Movement speed boost
Lower boost than other shunkos
Can regen reir with drains on (doesn't stop drains, just let them regen it, so with proper management and mastery they can prob keep on 24/7)

Lowers damage taken
Slower than other shunkos
Can toggle how much reir they are using for defense (more reir they are using to protect their body=more drain+less damage taken)

Slight attack boost
Slight movement speed boost
Slightly less damage taken
Toggle to turn on healing reir (Uses 1% max reir to heal 1% max hp/sec)

Higher crit chance
Attack boost
Speed boost
Can hit and be hit by allies
Toggle to how pure lightning is (more pure=more boost and damage to allies... Maybe no extra drain since it hurts allies more? Help with better con)

Higher movement speed boost
Faster hp regen
Healing aura toggle (Releases an aura that heals allies within a certain area (maybe byakuya F range) taking 1% max reir for 0.25-0.5% max hp heal)

Attack boost
Releases a shroud around you that "blinds" enemies and follows user (People inside shroud range can only see inside shroud and not outside. People outside can not see inside.

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Shunko types and benefits Empty Re: Shunko types and benefits

Post by Zzetsu-X on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:44 am

Yes! that is exactly how Shunko should work. Great suggestion!


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