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Specialized Shunko Class

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Specialized Shunko Class Empty Specialized Shunko Class

Post by Kien on Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:22 am


Shunko Specialist (Based on Yoruichi)

What do they get?

Specialized Shunko - Stronger, easier to master, and lasts longer than a normal squad 2 member, stacks with squad 2 benefits.

Shunkō: Raiju Senkei - Even stronger version of shunko, attacks can hit allies (except in FW and CTF to negate abuse), can be hit by allies

Enhanced shunpo - Faster shunpo (Same speed as others but no clone)

Cat transformation - Transform into a cat which makes you move faster, attack faster, and makes you smaller. You however lose half your damage.

Taketonbo - Make it the same as flash smash

Raiōken - Quickly delivers between 3-5 hits on your target

Anken - Shoot a dagger behind her

Razor Wire - Shoots a wire in the direction you are facing and first person to walk through it takes damage and stunned for a second. The wire and the stun can be broken by a single F.

Anti-Hierro Armor - Item that can bought from Urahara for EP/Yen. allows you to do extra damage to hollows/arrancars but only last 20~ hits.

Projectile counter - A toggle skill that when activated let's you negate all damage from kido while in shunko by countering with reir. It takes the same amount of reir that the kido costs when negated. (If shakkahou takes 50 reir to shoot and got countered by person in shunko then 50 reir is taken from shunko user)

What do they give up?

Shikai and bankai, maybe captain

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