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Squad Benefits/Misc Empty Squad Benefits/Misc

Post by Tosh on Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:08 am

Im going to concentrate on squad 6 today.
I was informed the squad benefits are based off the captains in the anime.

Well, not only is byakuya adept with kidou, he is also one of the fastest. It's kind of difficult to pin point an area where byakuya is not good. or is OVERLY good at.
because hes good all around.

So Suggestion: +(number) to the cap for hakuda, zan, kidou density, toughness. basically everything. In exchange for a boost to the cap of everything the boost should be smaller than other squads.
-This part ties in with the second part of this post-
 Or maybe make squad excel at Speed and Kidou. Atleast two areas.
This brings us to my second suggestion

  A dodge system.  I think a Dodge system should be put in, in addition i think a SPEED stat should be put in as well. I think speed should ultimately determine, attacking speed, running speed, and dodge rate. With different shades of flavor too.. what i mean by this is (Complete dodge), (slightly dodging an attack-taking 25% dmg), (barely dodging -50% dmg), almost dodging an attack- 75% dmg) . You get the jist. 
  The reason i think speed should be implemented is because it is important to the bleach world. It should also affect Shunpo or sonido btw.  Theirs characters that excel in speed and that's what makes them dangerous for example (Soifon, and Byakuya). This also allows for Speed based techniques like SENKA, or UTESEMI. Idea


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