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Espada Benefits

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Espada Benefits Empty Espada Benefits

Post by Just Zhxi on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:00 am

i need a new suggestion for 8th espada

i added these so far

Espada 1 fraccion Solitude:
- get +20percent base stats when not in a party
Espada 2 fraccion members Aging(Time):
- Players cannot flash step if they are within 40 pixels of you
Espada 3 fraccion members Sacrifice:
- For every percent of health missing you a gain a .35percent increase to all forms of damage
Espada 4 fraccion members:
- When below 35% HP your HP regen rate is doubled
Espada 5 fraccion members:
- Toughness effect is increased by 50%
Espada 6 fraccion members:
- After hitting someone with melee you have a 2 second movement speed increase. this can only refresh every 2seconds
Espada 7 fraccion members:
- You create 10 afer image clones whenever you shunpo

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