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Zanpakuto Guide

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Zanpakuto Guide Empty Zanpakuto Guide

Post by Kien on Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:22 am

Attack based shikai



Clones - Sends out several illusions to making it harder for enemies to keep track of you. They also attack the person you have targeted.
Zanpakuto Guide 71bdea4f4f8ed06df9d50c7dc5bef652

Copy -Take on the look of your target
Zanpakuto Guide B4e693ae2c81d20025b2041c5a35c880

Fake hit -
After activation, when you get hit you appear behind the target and stab their back resulting in you taking minor damage or completely avoiding damage.
Zanpakuto Guide D913669d238eb3f1c3449101906d2fa2

Invisibility -
Go invisible, making enemies lose target

Swap - Switch positions with target anywhere on the same mapZanpakuto Guide 47a009922585db83ad0d65c97c506ebc


Hinamori Killer - Shoots a ball of reiatsu in front of you


Getsuga Tenshou - Attack based move that damages targets

You move faster
Speed dome - Homes in on target, damaging them
Speed dice - Pushes everything around you back


You attack faster
Bushogama - Throws a tornado at the enemies pushing everything back
Takaoni - When activated, whoever is higher up does more damage
Kageoni - Places a shadow trap on the ground, damaging and stunning whoever walks on top of it
Kageokuri - Turns you into a shadow and sends out shadow projections to confuse enemies

Ichidanme - When hit by your target, you both take damage.
Nidanme - Burns your target over time
Sandanme - Reflects the damage you deal to your opponent and deals it back to you. It also reflects the damage your opponent does to you back to them.

Soi Fon:


Enhanced shunpo - Cooldown is less

Zanpakuto Guide 800ac96abd0610e30473cdde557fabb9

Speed dome plus -
homes in on your target doing damage
Zanpakuto Guide Ea8a0a21459bac69d7977a20c141c828

Nigeki Kessatsu -
When you hit a target a butterfly is placed. Every other hit has a chance to hit the butterfly to do extra damage
Zanpakuto Guide 778398866cc8625b2e6fb0f5455765a7Zanpakuto Guide 886e2b62a83bdc47b22501b1d752d6de

You shoot rei based rockets

Zanpakuto Guide 3b1866d8fd86325f4c0a17f702cffa89


Benihiko - Causes you to back step and shoot several swords in an arc

Shoots out rings in all direction on activation
- Shoots out rings all directions
Enma Korogi - Locks you and anyone near you in a dark space where only Tousens can see

Reiatsu based shikai



Petals - petals grant you AOE melee as long as someone is inside your petals.
Zanpakuto Guide 6c7d8cb56cddbe74432da2cff3d97428

Petal Wall- petal wall allows the user to block any incoming projectiles the way the wall is facing as long as its up and block melee from the direction.
Zanpakuto Guide Abada9d84fe366075891e148f077db53


Byakuya's Bankai gives him more petals to use when fighting.
Zanpakuto Guide 26aa49501e6e79fb50cb9447f5d1b7d5

Scene of massacre
Locks an opponent in an area and gives you a sword made out of petals

Zanpakuto Guide 47f01b5e084916125c44de91cbc37a5f

Gokei - Gokei is a sphere that envelops your enemy in petals slicing him doing Damage over time. It also stuns them til the sphere is released.
Zanpakuto Guide 470699fa9855f85353421b4210f7729f


Ice Spikes - Creates spikes in a linear line

Ice Wall - Creates a wall of ice in front of you for defense

Icicle Flock - Takes a step back and fires icicles in an arc in front of you

Ice Dragon - Sends an ice dragon in a linear line, piercing and freezing whatever it hits


Ice Rain - Ice starts falling and forming pillars, damages enemies if they are caught in a pillar being made

Ice Prison - Sends out 5 homing pillars that does damage on contact.


When you hit someone, you do extra percentage health damage

Tsukishiro - Instantly freezes target
Zanpakuto Guide 384f00e4f58d784e961c7f7addb64006

Hakuren -
Slows everything caught in its blast.
Zanpakuto Guide 641ead05cf440626fbff741617e641f6

Sub Zero - Freezes everything around you
Zanpakuto Guide 04ac5844f207ac97edbf1823e35cf5a4


Tsuppane - Seal target's ability to use skills for several moments
Shibari - Throws a net at target to bind them
Hiasobi - Damages target caught by Shibari
Kamisori - Projectile that does damage
Chikasumi no tate - Immobilizes you in return for immunity to damage. You can also shoot kidous while the shield is active.

Restructure - Place a damaging or healing item on the ground


Jokaku enjo - Creates a sphere of fire around the target damaging over time
Zanpakuto Guide A38181156e3a4a55cea45655bcdc9797

Ennetsu Jigoku - Create pillars of fire around you randomly, burning anyone who touches the pillar.
Zanpakuto Guide 048c4f5ffb27cffddaad4f113c7173b4

Taimatsu -
Shoots several fireballs in front of you, damaging and leaving fire spots on the ground
Zanpakuto Guide 91adcaa4cf17beb5ff89fbd81610fe5c

Yama bankai allows you to cause burn damage to anyone that hits you and allows your melees to pierce through defense a little.
Zanpakuto Guide 4b590dc3d0bd214753eb500f963ec4a1


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Zanpakuto Guide Empty Re: Zanpakuto Guide

Post by Just Zhxi on Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:45 am

This needs to be updated

Just Zhxi

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Zanpakuto Guide Empty Re: Zanpakuto Guide

Post by Shotoru on Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:00 pm

For yama will his other bankai abilities be added later or is the damage when hit, the only thing his bankai will have?


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Zanpakuto Guide Empty Re: Zanpakuto Guide

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