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Vaizard Guide

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Vaizard Guide

Post by ShroudedCorpse on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:36 pm

You can find shinji inside the vaizard house which is in the south part of the city on earth a bit to the left

Shinji will be at the bottom left of the house

He will say you are not ready yet or sum shit if you do not have the gene

Requirements for vaizard-

Be level 30

Have the vaizard gene which you have a 1/3 chance of being born with (You can reroll your gene in EP shop in Urahara's basement)

For right now it's simple you attack the inner hollows in the basement of the hideout with Hollowification on you get more mask time

Lisa mask- Doubles critical strike chance while in Hollowification (Even though it doesn't 100% crit? :s)

Ichigo mask- Extra movement speed while in Hollowification

Kensei mask- Knockback melee and +5% damage while in Hollowification

Hachi mask- No chant kidos while in Hollowification

Shinji mask- Increased defense boost while in Hollowification 

Hiyori mask- Double critical strike damage while in Hollowification


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