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Quincy Guide

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Quincy Guide

Post by RedMatch on Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:31 pm


Kojaku: Quincies obtain their first bow once they complete the Quest the quincy Elder has for them. This bow fires slow so be sure to back step against your enemies.

Haizen : At 5 Reishi control you will receive this move. Its a projectile that fires more than once and does good damage and knocks your opponent back.

Gritz: After you learn Haizen and obtain 5 more Reishi Control you will learn Gritz. Gritz is a stun that immobilizes your target within 3 tiles of you.

Ginrei Kojaku: At 35 Reishi Control you will learn to wield a more powerful bow that allows you to shoot faster than before.

Schneider Sword: At 40 Reishi Control you will learn to manifest a new type of weapon. This sword allows you to melee for Reiatsu based damage and leech Reiryoku from your enemies to give back to yourself.

Sprenger: At 60 Reishi Control you will learn to fire Seele Sprengers at your enemy that do Massive damage. You get 5 shots of this before it goes on cooldown

Ransotengai: At 65 Reishi Control you learn the last move for quincies. This move allows you to be immune to all stuns for 30 seconds.


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