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Compact Kido Guide

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Compact Kido Guide Empty Compact Kido Guide

Post by Katito on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:43 pm

Compact Kido Guide >

Kido are techniques learned by increasing "Kido Mastery", you can improve your Kido Mastery passive by using Kidos randomly or hitting the dummies.

Kidos são técnicas aprendidas ao aumentar a sua passiva "Kido Mastery", a passiva é aumentada por usar Kido aleatoriamente ou nos bonecos de treino (dummies). 

Note: If used in dummies, your passive will increase faster.

Nota: Se usado nos bonecos, sua passiva vai aumentar mais rápido.

                                                                Compact Kido Guide Dasdas11

Hado #31 Shakkaho:
Obtained by becoming Shinigami
Obtido ao virar Shinigami

Compact Kido Guide Dasdas12

Bakudo #1 Sai:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 1
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery: 1

Compact Kido Guide Sai10

Bakudo #4 Hainawa:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 4
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery
: 4

Compact Kido Guide Haiuna10

Bakudo #9 Geki:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 9
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery9

Compact Kido Guide Geki10

Bakudo #21 Sekienton:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 21
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery21 

Compact Kido Guide Sekien10

Hado #33 Sokatsui:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 33 
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery: 33

Compact Kido Guide Souka10

Hado #54 Tenran:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 54 
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery: 54

Compact Kido Guide Tenran10

Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 73
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery: 73

Compact Kido Guide Soren_10

Hado #90 Kurohitsugi:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 90
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery: 90 

Compact Kido Guide Kurohi10

Hado #91 Senju Koten Taiho:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 91
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery91

Compact Kido Guide Koten10

Hado #96 Itto Kaso:
Obtained at Kido Mastery: 96
Aprendido ao ter Kido Mastery96

Compact Kido Guide Itocas11

Segunda Nota: Ao atingir 100/100 de Kido Mastery, seus Kidos passarão a aumentar a passiva "Kido Density", que aumenta o dano de seus Kidos.

2nd Note: Once 100/100 Kido Mastery passive, your Kidos will now increase "Kido Density" passive, it will increase your Kido Damage.

Special thanks to:
Zagros and Kien

Made by: I Will Dominate/Kaio


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