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Quincy Overhaul Suggestion

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Quincy Overhaul Suggestion Empty Quincy Overhaul Suggestion

Post by Aberia on Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:19 pm

Hello everyone, if you havn't seen me in game, I go by the name of Aberia and im currently a Quincy (Kuinshi) class. I have been exclusive to them so I can get the most information about them.

Section 1: Current Quincy Status/Issues

Basically, Quincys as they stand in the current game build (Feb.3 2017) are very underwhelming and massively un-viable for pvp situations. This can be correctable, but they would have to undergo a massive tuning pass/skill remake.

So lets say you're a baby level 10 quincy who just killed the starter hollows out on the quincy island and got a new shiny blue reishi bow.... So far so good... solid ability. However once you start leveling up your passive "Reishi control" things seem like they were slightly neglected.

Next lets talk about Reishi and how its completely a hindrance on game play and only slows us down compared to other classes.. we are actually punished for using our bows... i get it... our 2nd bow (Ginrei Kojaku) is probably considered the same thing as a Shinigamis "release" so it needs to cost Reishi to not be spammed.... That being said we are still punished because we rely on our spirit weapons and even our (Kojaku) starter bow stops us from even regenerating ANY Reishi.. so pretty much if we use our skills we have to put away our weapons and just stand around waiting for regen.. thats not a fun concept.

Another issue is our unreliable damage on anything that moves.. Fun fact: almost every mob past 30 moves... don't get me started on menos grandes... our only CC ability is useless against higher level NPC's because they ignore it entirely with whatever blink skill or backstep they use.. not really sure what it is actually.

Section 2: Gameplay Ideas
New!!! With skills/descriptions!

So to begin, the way Quincy's play need to be changed. They should be considered a "Toggle/Cooldown" style class... meaning that without abilities toggled on they are not in combat. It should be a balance of keeping Reishi and spending it depending on what abilities are being used.. Cooldowns should also be determined to regenerate reishi and help with damage... seeing as the class lore seems to depend on gathering Reishi.. this would make for an interesting class change.

Not everything should be revamped... the Basic (F) attack will always be normal arrow shots as always.

That being said, the "strong attack" (G) should be used for Quincy.. and it should depend on which "Bow" is being used.. ill get more into that in just a moment. 

The next thing that needs to be revamped is Reishi use... Reishi should be considered a resource which does not change.. (example 1000/1000 Reishi never to increase unless talents or something later)

Points into Reishi should increase regeneration of the flat pool and also increase damage of all spirit based weapons. (Maybe reduce cooldowns of some abilities)

Now lets say we do all that and we figure out formula's for regeneration and maybe have a diminishing return so people don't just spam Reishi or something... lets take a look at some abilities

Quincy Unlocked
Starter Skills/Techniques

Strafe: Allows the user to move without changing direction
          Cost: 0
          Recast: Instant

Hirenkyaku: Allows the user to be agile and quickly move around the map. *Shunpo for Quincy*
          Cost: 0
          Recast: Depending on mastery (Max time 10 seconds)

Kojaku: The basic bow that is usable by all Quincy.
           Fire Speed: Same speed as sword swings.
          Cost: 0
          Recast: 1 second
          Notes: Kojaku will not cost anything to maintain, it will also let Quincys regenerate Reishi at 200% normal rates. Damage will be normal. This is the starter bow and should be considered introduction to the class.

Kojaku Ability Changes: 
(F) - Standard arrow 100% damage. 
(G) - Large arrow fire, 200% damage with the ability to critical for over 300% damage 5 second cooldown.

*Anything after this point is unlocked VIA levels and Reishi/Bow Control*
Shadow Teleport: This allows the Quincy's to move within worlds easily.
           Unlocked: level 15 and 5 Reishi Control
           Cost: 500 Reishi
           Recast: 45 Seconds
           Notes: the reason for the large cost is because you're moving between worlds faster than almost any other class. The 45 second cooldown is fine how it currently is.

Heizen: Quincy "Sacred Bite": Fires 4 rapid blocks at a target doing Strong damage.
           Unlocked: Level 10 and 5 Reishi Control
           Cost: 50 Reishi
           Recast: 5 Seconds
           Notes: This is the Quincy bread and butter for damage until late game.. even viable then. It should be used as a primary ability alongside your (F)(G) attacks.

Klaiver: Rapid fire of (F) while toggled on.
           Unlocked: level 20 and 10 Reishi Control
           Cost: 10 Reishi per second/ 15 Reishi per second with (Ginrei Kojaku)
           Recast: 1 Second
           Notes: This is the first toggle ability outside of your weapon. When activated, you wont regenerate Reishi, once you begin (F) attacking you will notice you shoot at around triple speeds of your (Kojaku) fire. When used with (Ginrei Kojaku) your arrows will have no separation between them.

Spirit Regeneration: When activated, you're able to regenerate Reishi at increased rate.
          Unlocked: Any level and 10 reishi control
          Cost: Free          
          Recast: 1 minute
          Duration: 15 Seconds
          Notes: this is your first cooldown ability... when you activate this you should be able to regenerate around 25 Reishi per second for 15 seconds.. this ability can be considered active mitigation for Reishi and can be tuned around costs of other abilities and how you regenerate. (You will regenerate while you have Klaiver up and while under any other effects which would otherwise make you unable to regenerate).

Gritz: When used, the targeted user is encased inside a Reishi trap
          Unlocked: Any level and 20 Reishi Control
          Cost: 100 Reishi
          Recast: 20 Seconds
          Notes:  This ability needs to guarantee hold a target for at least 3 seconds. After the allowed time the user should be able to break free by spamming a key... This will be the setup CC for Quincy's to use our other abilities to make sure a target actually gets hit by them.

Ginrei Kojaku: Quincy's second spirit weapon... this will replace the standard (Kojaku). This bow can also be used as a shield to help block some attacks and lower damage slightly.
          Unlocked: level 30 and 35 Reishi Control
          Fire Speed: Shots will be at least double of the (Kojaku)
          Cost: 0
          Recast: 1 second
          Notes: Ginrei Kojaku will not cost anything to maintain, it will also let Quincy's regenerate Reishi at 250% normal rates. Damage will be increased with this bow with all abilities.  This is a replacement bow for playing the game, not a punishment. Also the damage decrease is minimal, you have a toggle ability (Blutz) which will defend you.

Ginrei Kojaku Ability Changes:
(F) Standard Arrow Volley: 150% base damage and has a 25% chance to homing in the direction of the current target

(G) Powerful Homing Arrow: This will fire a powerful homing shot (This one WILL track and hit) at 300% damage of a normal Arrow Volley. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Seele Schneider: A powerful arrow which you will employ as a "Chainsaw Sword". Damage done will regenerate your own Reishi!
                   Unlocked: level 30 and 35 Reishi Control
                   Fire Speed: Standard sword swing
                   Cost: 0
                   Recast: 1 second
                   Notes: This ability when used will regenerate reishi based upon the targets current Reishi.. 

Seele Schneider Ability Changes:
(F) Standard Swing: Powerful hitting sword attack which hits harder than your (Ginrei Kojaku) but is risky because you will be in melee rage.
(G) Power Stab: You lunge your Seele Schneider into your opponent, slowing his movement momentarily and absorbing triple the amount of a normal swing... 8 second cooldown.

Seele Schneider Arrow: for the next 5 shots you will fire off your Seele Schneider Arrows into your target causing MASSIVE damage if they connect. 
                    Unlocked: level 40 and 50 Reishi Control.
                    Cost: 250 Reishi
                    Recast: 20 seconds
                    Notes: When you activate this ability, your next 5 arrows will be shooting off your 5 Seele Schneider's... if these connect they will impale your target and dig into them... if all 5 of your arrows hit, you'll do an EXTREME amount of damage almost any target...

Blutz: by mixing Reishi in your blood, you will be able to reduce damage taken and increase your own damage. Lasts for 20 seconds.
                     Unlocked: Any Level and 55 Reishi Control
                     Cost: 100 Reishi
                     Recast: 1 minute
                     Notes: This is your second cooldown based ability... when you use it, you'll become much stronger and take less damage... you should have to time this ability with your CC to get the maximum amount of damage off on a target.

Letzt Stil: Fire off the strongest arrow possible... after absorbing Reishi around you, you fire an arrow which will pierce any target in front of you.. for a price.

                    Unlocked: level 45 and 55 Reishi Control
                    Cost: 100 Reishi
                    Recast: 2 minutes
                    Notes: This is your strongest attack, in order to use it you must cast this ability and it will charge over a period of 4 seconds... you can freely move while charging this arrow.. however you cannot shoot other abilities or basic attack while charging this shot...  After the 4 second charge animation you will fire an arrow which will pierce ANY Target/wall for 15 steps in front of you. Any people who are standing 2 steps next to the shot will also take extreme damage from kinetic energy alone... After you fire this shot you are unable to regenerate Reishi for 20 seconds... so make sure you dont miss otherwise you'll be out of reishi and unable to fight shortly after.

Ransotengai: This move allows you to be immune to all stuns/holds for 30 seconds.

                     Unlocked: Any level and 60 Reishi Control
                     Cost: 50 Reishi
                     Recast: 1 minute 30 seconds
                     Notes: Leaving this how it is, its a good ability.

Now, if you're still reading.. just remember though that the numbers are always able to be changed and that this is just to give an idea of what the class SHOULD look like.

I know there are TONS of other abilities that can be added to the class to make it really unique.. and honestly I have a YUUUGE idea on how to fit them in... What you saw above was what I would call a "Pure Quincy".. This is something you'd see if you didnt decide to join the ranks of the Wandenreich.. Yep.. thats right... Wandenreich!

Section 3: Wandenreich

Only after the Bleach Anime ended, the Manga continued and focused on a whole society based purely around Quincy's and their war with Soul Society.

If you choose to join the Wandenreich, you will have the opportunity to join in at the lowest ranks then move up depending on your level/passives.

Eventually you will have the opportunity to be ranked with an Epithet - an letter rank... this letter rank will grant you abilities based upon what each one means....  Honestly, just think of them as the 13 different teams that Soul Society uses... you'll get buffs and even abilities depending on your "Letter"


Soldat: All new Wandenreich will be ranked as a Soldat, you will work your way up by just playing the game and gaining higher skills/levels.

Jagdarmee: The second rank in which you will unlock. you will be considered an "Arrancar hunter" and this is the rank you will have while in the mid levels of gameplay.

Sternritter: This is where you have the opportunity to obtain your "Letter".. in the manga, Yhwach gave out a letter depending on your skills.. however here he'll just give you the choice on what one you'd like.. and there will be a few to choose from... and each one will have its perks depending on how you want to play. *NOTE THAT SOME ABILITIES ABOVE WILL BE REMOVED DEPENDING ON YOUR RANK LETTER SO THATS DONT FEEL OVERWHELEMED ABOVE IF THAT FEELS TOO STRONG, THATS A PURE UNRANKED QUINCY, THEY GET NO LETTER PASSIVES*


Anyways.. I know this is a pretty long write up, and honestly I could keep going for hours and hours with ideas.. but the Skills above even without the wandenreich would make Quincys a better class.

Ill come back and edit this for spelling errors or fix anything that might be confusing if anyone asks.


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