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Squad system suggestion

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Squad system suggestion Empty Squad system suggestion

Post by lager1 on Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:59 pm

I don't particularly like the specific squads for specific boosts. It forces players into always joining a specific squad to get the proper boost their zanpakutou needs.

In my point of view, Squads should be seen as the in-game Guilds, and the boosts that it should give should be strictly to increase the progression of members.
-If you're in a party with a player from your squad, you'll both share exp gained from each player's kills(Like 10,15%?)
-Being in a party with the Vice Captain of you squad will grant you and other members in the same party an EXP boost(+5%?) as well as increasing the % of shared EXP by (+5%?)
-Vice Captains are not affected by the above EXP boost
-Being in a party with the Captain of your squad will grant an extra 10% EXP party buff for the Vice Captain and Squad Members in your party as well as increasing the exp gained from other members kills by 10%.
-Captains are not affected by any of the above EXP buffs, but they still gain shared exp from their members/VC kills.
-Being a Vice Captain will grant you a 7.5% Buff to all of your base stats
-Being a Captain will grant you a 15% Buff to all of your base stats.

Ofc these numbers could all be tweaked but you get the point. It's a system to promote training with your squad members/Captains.


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