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Hollows/arrancar stun skill

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Hollows/arrancar stun skill Empty Hollows/arrancar stun skill

Post by Hatsuro on Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:34 pm

So, i suggested in game to put a stun for hollows, just because the ppl who play as hollow was complain about hollows no have any stuns, so it just calm then down.

I particulary don't think stuns suit hollows, however, if it suit the ress powers it is ok.(but like i say i think its no suit then).

The last think is about reiatsu pressure, i think it is in the Bleach:WWA, it show stun the players/mobs in view (1sec maybe), but if the arracars only got this stun, (no counting the ress partycular stun, if have it), it show be 1sec more than the other races, it goes the same to every race.

This reiatsu pressure skill show go to full shini, arrancars only (no hollows), and the others races i will let u decide, though i think its okay to then to have it. ( i don't play with other races, so i don't know anything about then and their skills, mind it) 

OBS: So, just my thoughts, u don't need to do anythink if its going to unbalance the game, or if u no wanna to, i am going to keep playing it no matter what hapens, (unless it goes pay2win Very Happy)

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