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Dunegon system ,Relic/gear, guild points and skill trees!

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Dunegon system ,Relic/gear, guild points and skill trees!

Post by darkness on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:07 pm

Ok so dungeons are usually the hardest and most challenging  challenge in any game. That go's without saying the payoff is amazing I think soul wars should have two different dungeon types

Public Dungeons : This will be the typical dungeon where it can take between 1-3 people to complete provided they have the right stats, Passives and strategy against the boss

Guild Dungeons: This will be one of the toughest things in the game requiring at least 6-10 members to complete this dungeon will feature about three enemy's  in it starting with 1 mini boss and a puzzle to complete while facing yet another mini boss only  by finishing the puzzle and defeating the mini boss will players be able to fight the main boss and let me tell you it isn't easy.

Ok what would be the reward for facing such a thing ? relics, special gear and guild exp/points. Normal dungeons upon completion will give a random relic or gear and a small amount of guild exp/player you will only receive one relic or gear and it go's to who had the last hit or who did the most damage (undecided atm) The guild dungeon will be the one which gives massive exp and multiple relics/gears its up to the guild leader to disruptive them to whoever he chooses from the guild treasury.

What are Relics and gear ? They will basically be the thing which sets you different then every other player giving unique powers or passives depending on the rarity the best ones can only be found in guild dungeons. Gear will just increase your cap of a stat while having it equipped.

Some examples of relics
Old knights shield: Reflects a small % of damage taken back at the attacker
Misty ring: shakes enemy screen within 2 tiles of user while draining a small portion of their rei
Element cape: Immune to elemental effects

I'm sure your starting to get the picture as of now but wait there's more !

Guild skill tree: As you donate exp to the guild you will hit a mile stone and when you complete it say for instance donate 10000 exp to the guild you will get one point and with this point you can buy special stuff for your guild say for exp a passive which would increase your attack and defense when on the same map as your guild members. Or another thing is you could save up points for your guild to actually own a small guild base on a map this would require multiple points but you can also give your points to other guild members if you so choose to wish great for buying guild related thing. Having a guild house is a privilege on its own and maybe in later updates if this even gets added you will be able to do more inside of one like upgrade so it gives a training buff indoors or even buy npcs and place them inside this will be expensive but think of it as a personal training spot if your guild is high enough.

Some examples of a guild skill tree are
Unstable: Seeing a guild member die on your screen increase your stats by 5 % for 30 seconds 1/5
Loyalty: when in a party with another guild member increase party exp by 2% for each member  1/10

Of course this is just a thought but this will actually encourage people to want to improve their guild and recruit strong people


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Re: Dunegon system ,Relic/gear, guild points and skill trees!

Post by Aisux on Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:34 pm

Nice suggestion, however, for the sake of balance:

Any skill, which gives stat boost should be -  

Unstable: Seeing a guild member die on your screen increase your stats by 2 % for 15 seconds 1/5
Loyalty: when in a party with another guild member increase party exp by 1.5% for each member up to five. 1/10
Element cape: Reduced damage from elemental effects up to 30%.

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