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Aberia Staff Applicaiton

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Aberia Staff Applicaiton

Post by Aberia on Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:08 pm

BYOND Key: NantoHax

In-Game Name: Aberia

Age: 25

Position Applied For: Staff Moderator/Developing assistant/Public Relations Assist

Prior Administrative Experience:

Starting in Summer 2006 until Winter 2007 I was a Volunteer Game Master for Acclaim Games, I would assist with tickets and try to answer forum questions for any games they were developing.

Beginning in December of 2007, I was hired as a Game Master for Acclaim Games full time during summer hours *was in school so I was part time outside of summer vacation* I would moderate games such as 2moons, 9 dragons and TCOS (Chronicles of Spellborn RIP). Towards the end of Acclaim Games they allowed me to lead a small team of Volunteer Moderators who I gave training on how to work tickets/forums and explaining rules.

I currently assist a small business Almighty Servers as their Customer Service Leader. I go in between clients and our host companies if there are any issues and make sure they get resolved. Its a small venture which I do for a friend but its something I've been doing for years for him when he needs the help.

What makes you qualified to join the team?:

Well aside from my work history online, I also game pretty seriously, I have been leader in large guilds (100+) where management is key. We also hosted game servers for games in the past (Garry's mod,Battlefield Bad Company,Half-life) where modding was commonplace... We would design plugins for games and have to manage these servers to make sure they were properly running with whatever game we wanted to play.

Why do you want to join the team?

Honestly, I've played byond games for a very... very long time, the client itself holds a very special place in my heart because I have made quite a few friends on it when I was in school. 

When I saw this game being posted, I got hooked when I saw its potential, saw that it had active development and actually wanted to improve itself... This what got me into researching about the game and seeing what I could do to help make it better, I usually live on the #suggestions box on discord.

But overall, I want to join because I want to see the game actually succeed and I want to be apart of making it possible. I can see where changes would be needed and I would be able to  get suggestions from players and test out features to make sure balance is in order.

Other Skills (Optional):

Aside from my online history. I have over 8 years of work history outside of Gaming.. I currently work as an IT Repair Contractor for 3 companies which replace hardware in business sales terminals and various other equipment needed for day to day operations. 

I currently work with businesses such as 7/11 , Kroger and Wal-mart on making sure they have their IT infrastructure working as needed. 

Examples (Optional):
Kinda mixed it in with my other skills section.

Overall, I would gladly dedicate a decent amount of time per week to the project. I'm usually always on discord either VIA PC or my mobile device... so if something needs to be taken care of I can usually get to it somewhat fast. 

If you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask me. Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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