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Post by Mitsurugi on Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:47 pm

#BYOND Key:[6168068/Neroashido]
#In-Game Name:[Mitsurugi
#]Position Applied For:[Moderator/Creative Director

#Prior Administrative Experience:[Several Tibia OTS (Open Servers),New Era,Private Cabal Server]

#What makes you qualified to join the team?:[We dont have a Mod for the UTC TimeZone and im pretty Patient and Talkative and im also resistent to stress. I do have a bright Fantasy which is important in my opinion . I do Speak 4 European Languages(German,English,Polish,Serbian from Best>Worst)

#Why do you want to join the team?[I think the Team could need a someone who speaks lots of Languages and someone who cheers up the Staff in Misty Situations.]

#Other Skills (Optional):[Can be away for 48+ Hours with 70% concentration,Mortal Kombat Professional.]

#Examples (Optional):[Example for my Creativity : I called my Crew in Rotp Twenty One Pirates (lul),Tonfa Class Idea in Rotp,and some IN game  Suggestion for Grimmjow 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this c: and maybe we will be soon colleague's

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