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Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app

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Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app Empty Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app

Post by josh11770 on Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:47 am

In-Game Name:
Position Applied For:
Prior Administrative Experience:
owner of a DU server, GM'd on multiple games by Devil21, Lvl 5 GM on bwwa XD
What makes you qualified to join the team?:
Solved multiple disputes and other issues on bwwa, haven't abused any powers on bwwa
Why do you want to join the team?
i feel i can help players figure out Soul Wars once the game opens in full swing and gets more character slots. atm i'm a hollow and learning the in's and outs about them, and on my alt key i'm a quincy, so i'm trying to learn eah race to better answer questions
Other Skills (Optional):
reasonably decent at photoshop, including watermark removals, Experienced with some microsoft office programs
Examples (Optional):

Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app Th_alien%20skull%20water%20mark%20removedbright_zpspuls0xis
Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app Th_alien%20skull_zpsljytpysp
Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app Th_toribash%20immortal%20head%20watermark%20removed_zps1bmuhx3r

Pestilence(pizza1992)'s staff app Th_toribash%20immortal%20head_zpsl90exxk5

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