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Post by Googlemyrio on Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:33 pm

Uhh haii   Surprised this is gonna be about complaints i've seen in game

Too start off with binds suck right now everyone has the same level bind and it can be broken easily by spaming F 5 times I think it should be harder o break out of if the person that binded you has higher reiatsu then cause it's not fair seeing melee based player go up to someone and just bind someone with the same amount of power as a rei based player

My second complaint is tousen (Keep in mind I have tousen) I like tousen but he's a bit buggy and op as well his shikai move is OP as fuck i've gone up to players and one hit them and hollows as well that move should get some type of nerf but other wise he's alright

My 3rd complaint is about Yammamoto's shikai it's dummy op level 7 yama's killing faster than a level 15 shinigami there isn't really anyway to fight one either if you get close ur fked

My 4th and last complaint is rukia i've fought a rukia in-game and her binds last the same amount of time as anything else and she's a tad weak against all the other shikais but meh i just felt bad for the rukia i fought he was all rei 2 lol


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