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Shinigami Family Traits

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Shinigami Family Traits Empty Shinigami Family Traits

Post by tomalexdark on Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:25 pm


Shinigami Family Traits

As a Shinigami, you are randomly assigned a noble family in which you belong. Below are the families and their benefits:


Regen Reiryoku like normal while in Shikai (This doesn't currently seem to work).
No drain whilst in Bankai.


+100% Kido Mastery and Density Training. 
+50 Kido Density Cap (multiplier stacks with other boosts).


x5 Shunko Mastery Training Rate. 
Shunko Drain halved. 
+2 Movement Speed.
+50% back-hit damage.


+50% Healing power.
+50% Health regen.

+15% Defence stat at all time.




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