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New races idea for humans/Souls

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New races idea for humans/Souls Empty New races idea for humans/Souls

Post by Rioshima on Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:15 pm

#1: Hell bound/Demi-human
Description: A human who has died many times on the mortal plan but has since then never seeked their sins and banished them from their souls, thus till this coming day they've been engulfed by theb flames of their very own sins creating a all new embodiment of a creature... The hell bound thus known as demi-humans.

Info: Hell Bound race will spawn near the bandit's in south karakura town, they will have a selection of tricky attacks between creating lava pits, channeling mystic energies and exploiting blood infused reiryoku attacks to obliterate their foes.
1- Blood Hound: Summon hounds to strike your target from 4 diagonal patterns around it ( projectile rei based)
2- Los ojos del demonio: By channel the powers of hell enhance your awareness to all oncoming attacks thus increasing your overall defense by 10%  (the demons eyes)- (buff in defense)
3- Sins fluster: A wind like push attack, which slows all it hits, this attack pierces it's targets.
4- X-degree burns: Burn the mark of the Demon into the target placed on the ground, this skill explodes in a huge X shape dealing rei based damage (A Click to cast skill shot, which explodes in an aoe range)
5- Fallen faith: Channel your inner 7 sins, Glutteny, greed, Lust,sloth,envy,pride, and wrath ( release ability)
-Glutteny: Whilst in this form gain increased defense and reaitsu, every enemy you kill you absorb 3% of their max HP
-Greed : Whilst in this form gain increase attack and movement speed, you also receive 20% more exp and money from quests
-Lust : Whilst in this form gain increased attack,defense, and regen, whenever an ally faction member is within 50 units of you, you both receive reduced damage from all attacks ( 6% per ally/faction member up to 30%)
-Sloth : Whilst in this form gain a huge increase into defense, but very slowed down movement speed, this form will randomly fall into a deep sleep if it suffers to much damage, the only way to prevent this is to be outside of battle ( 50% chance to be put to sleep status when HP falls below 25%)
-Envy : Whilst in this form gain a increase in movement speed and attack speed, for every stronger player online you gain +.3% base stats capping at 15%
-Pride : Whilst in this form gain an increase in all stats, regen, and attack speed, but deal reduced damage to weaker enemies *level wise* due to your pride refusing you to take anything weaker serious, but deal increased damage to any target thats a higher level then you ( - 15% damage, or + 15% more damage)
-Wrath : Whilst in this form gain increased movement speed, attack, reaitsu, and 2% life steal per hit, Wrath unlike the other forms potentially grows stronger the more players you kill, for a permanent stat boost, but it is reset upon your death, pvp or pve. ( max boost is 50% base stats, but lost upon death of any kind)

Requirements of skills * suggested*
Level 15: Blood hound
Level 20: Los ojos del demonio
Level 25, 30 hakuda + 15 toughness : Fallen faith
level 35: X-degree burns
level 50: Sins Fluster

This race will utilize all stats basically meaning it's a hybrid only class, but does not mean you can't focus a single stat with it.

#2: Morpher/ Shape shifter
Description: Somewhere beneathe every ally-way is a creature, a beast, or something which takes other abnormal forms, the dog you seen in the park could be your next door neighbor's pet, or your neighbor him/herself. These humans who seek to avoid confrontation transform into multiple natural bodies and forms to either benefit their stealth, escape, or combat prowess in such a animistic way it's positive to say there no longer human at heart.

info: The Shape shifter race will spawn on inside of urahara's hut, these humans focus on changing shapes ever so often to enhance their phsyical capabilities either it be to hunt down prey, protect their natural brothers and sisters or simply to be a nuisance to others around them.

1- Shifter's spirit ( Goat,Bull,Rabbit,Dragon,Fox,Alligator,Bear,Lion,Snake,Monkey)

Goat: boosted movement speed, heavy hit may cause stun and does greated

bull: Slowed movement speed, grants ability's Dash, and Horn thrust
Horn thurst: Similiar to dash but much stronger, this move enhances the pressure of force surrounding the user as they charge knocking back all enemies/allies caught within it's range for 3 seconds * direction can be changed, basically a weaker Del toro*

Rabbit: boosted movement speed, this form has enhanced attack speed but reduced attack damage ( - 25% attack damage)

Dragon: boosted movement speed, this form has enhanced rei based attacks, grants ability Dragon breathe, Inferno, and great dark blaze
-Dragon breathe: The dragon blasts a Cone shaped flame before it, which causes rei based damage to all enemies hit by it's flame.
- Inferno: The dragon coats itself in flames for the next 5 seconds, burning all enemies/allies too close to it * this flame has no control and may cause death to even the most frail of friends/foes* for rei based damage
-Great dark blaze : Similiar to the Dragon breathe skill but this Great blaze is a darker shade of fire which deals massive damage to all foes on screen.

Fox: Boosted movement speed, this form also has enhanced attack damage at the cost of having no skills ( + 30 % melee damage)

Alligator: Reduced movement speed, this forms thick skin provides in-depth defense against all attacks * 15% dmg reduction*, grants abilities Tail swing, and gnaw
-Tail swing: A huge frontal Area swing of the tail, this ability is so powerful it stuns all foes caught by it's terrifying force, dealing Attack based damage
- Gnaw: Using your powerful jaws, chomp onto the targeted foe up to 3 times, dealing a powerful amount of attack based damage

Bear: Reduced movement speed, at the cost of having no skills this form gains a predator perk every 20 levels increasing all damage by 6% ( capping at 30%)

Lion( only obtained by EP shop): increased movement speed, with no benefits this form has multiple skills at it's disposal, grants ability's: Claw, great leap, tail swing, Lick, Scurry, and Roar
-Claw: Strike your foe with your sharp paws dealing strength based damage
-Great leap : Jump forward causing a miniature tremor upon the landing space, dealing rei based damage to all foes within range
-Tail swing : ( See above)
-Lick : The saliva of a jungle lion is said to be wound numbing and very helpful towards rejuvenation, by simply licking your nearest ally recover their wounds by 40% after a 4 second channel period ( 10% per second)
-Scurry : By becoming a super scared-y cat you avoid projectile attacks for 3 seconds
-Roar: ( The base hollow skill but it scales off rei)

Snake: very high movement speed increase, this form suffer from defense loss at the cost that all melee attacks sucks 2% HP max from it's foes per hit, whilst returning 5% of that damage back to it in a predator eats prey type of way

Monkey: very high movement speed increase, this form gains the abilities Frenzy, and Screech,
- Frenzy: Whilst channeling frenzy this creature pummels the ground causing AOE hits at lightning speeds
-Screech: While channeling screech this form screams at the top of it's lungs dealing constant rei based knock back attacks until it exhuasts all of it's energy, when either of these abilities exhuasts all of your rei this form will be auto stunned for 2 seconds as a recoil/recovery backlash.

2- Potential burst : ( all shifters forms will have this skill)
Spread your reiryoku among the ground, which detonates whenever an enemy steps upon it dealing rei based damage.
3- Instincts on : ( A release for all forms which increases their current ability's, boosts even more by 30%) This skill must be mastered before it grants it's benefits to the users
4- Ferocity : A furious strike which has a higher critical hit chance at the cost of a super long cooldown
5- Sleep : Being apart of nature means becoming at home in nature, you fall asleep if your health becomes below 25% * required to use* , restoring 25% of your max HP per second, cannot wake up until you've fully healed or tap the space bar enough times to self-wake from slumber

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