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New event/world encounter idea

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New event/world encounter idea Empty New event/world encounter idea

Post by Rioshima on Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:08 am

So the title of this encounter/ Event will be called, Unstable garganta.
Info as follows: this event will randomly occur on the 3 base maps of Soul wars for ex:
Earth(Karakura town), Sereitei (Soul society just outside the gates with Jiba guy), and hueco Mundo * Southern area near Fishbones spawn zone*

Description: A unknown and highly unstable Wurmhole how torn it's way into our dimension, find this Wurmhole and stop/defeat whatever is controlling or creating it.
Objective: if a World event- Players will travel the maps in search of a garganta which in terms is 3x the normal size of a player-hollow made portal, and standing just below it will be a gigantic Spider hollow( Level 155 if it's doable, but it has incredible HP and no defense stat at all, making it possible to be defeated by all players of all levels if they can out-wit/ substain long enough) which will engage battle with any players who come within sensory range, for those poor fools who have no idea what it is they will surely be devoured like the bugs they are!
Reward: The faction that defeats this Monstrosity will be rewarded a healthy exp bonus of 40% or perhaps 1 instant level up.

Timing/ occurrence/cool-down: This event should be triggered every hour if made into a worldly encounter it'd be triggered after X amount of hollow mobs have been defeated, or perhaps X amount of players on that map who are active in combat.

icon: The base Spider hollow but re-skinned and re-scaled by 4x4 dimensions, with a higher hit box rate allowing players to reallly unleash their mayham upon this beast and any unsuspecting allies who wish to try a faction Vs faction Vs Boss war.


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