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Lain's awesome app

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Lain's awesome app Empty Lain's awesome app

Post by Lain on Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:47 am

Name: Lain
Key: Kitoku no Oni // Shijima Kurookano
Time-zone: Eastern UTC-05:00(Though I have unorthodox activity times)

What you do: That's a very loaded question. What do any of us really do. Or perhaps its a vague one. Alas. I'm currently self employed. I spend most of my free time either with friends or online gaming, music and reading are also decent time consumers. 

What Skills can you bring to the Moderating team, or rather what skills do you already have: I have plenty of experience in a GM/Admin atmosphere, Excellent communication and customer service skills, as well as top notch problem solving abilities. I'm a generally laid back and easy going person, easy to get long with and never take things too seriously. 

Why should you be the new GM: In my short time playing I've already learned the basics of the game and what I don't know I ask as I run into questions myself to commit it to memory in order to help others who ask questions in OOC. Hanging out in discord and chatting with members of the community has made this game seem like a place I'll probably be around for awhile so I figured why not apply and do what I can to use my experience and skills to make the community and atmosphere better in any way I can. I also feel that being a newer member of the Soul Wars community keeps me exempt from bias and or grudges that others may have with members of the community

How long have you been playing Soul Wars? What would you do differently as a GM: So far I've played Soul Wars for two weeks. As it stands currently, any time I've seen Zag log in he's constantly bombarded with suggestions, buffs, nerfs, complaints, random attention wanting, the works. I feel as if GMs should not only help the player base, but the owners as well. Work with the community as well as the owners to relay their wishes and desires for the games development in a less chaotic environment than the games OOC channel. From my observation there are currently a number of things players may be unhappy about and it's impossible for Zag to possibly listen and reply to everything everyone has to say at once so things may seem to be overlooked and the community takes it poorly and feel him to be disinterested. Sometimes people forget to realize how much his attention gets strained with everyone trying to speak to him at once. I Feel that as a GM I would be able to help lighten the load and relieve the tensions between the player base and the developers. 

Prior Experience:
Naruto Ultimate Revised - Host/Admin 
Naruto Final Fight - Monitor/Moderator
Naruto Fallen Vengeance - Host/Admin
Several MU Online private server Admin positions
Gamez Aion private server Admin

Sidenote: I'm cute and awesome too.
Thank you for taking time to consider my application. <3

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