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Various Suggestions.

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Various Suggestions. Empty Various Suggestions.

Post by Hohenheim on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:31 am

A better Training experience.

Type of Suggestion: Visual.

Details: The implementation of a new tab with the name "Training" where you can see the Training progress of your passives without having to everytime click the passive tree in order to see your progress.
Also, even numbers raising above the characters name while training (sort of like the damage numbers) like 2/500 Mask Time, or 16/100 Shikai Mastery, so on and so forth.
The reason for this is that players like to see that they are making improvements to their characters and the constant reminder of their passives raising up is a great way to improve the training experience for everyone.

Mob density and mob power levels

Type of Suggestion: Monster tweaks.

Details: There are a lot of icons for hollows in the game, and most of them are too close in terms of levels and powers. The leveling experience could be improved by a long shot if the current hollows of the game were changed in powers. It is useless that there are 3 types of weak hollows from level 1 to 15 because everyone will surpass those levels very fast and not even experience most of those hollows. So what I say is that, weak hollows should go from level 1 - 30, then medium hollows from 30 - 50, then strong from 50 - 80. Those numbers are set as an example.
A map with different areas with weak hollows only, and the ocasional strong hollows so that players have to avoid those. But a player can go into that area, there are the different mission guys for the different mobs there and they have a place where to level constantly, since this is mostly a grinding game.
Also, since there is quite a (relatively) large number of players on the game, the player experience could be significantly improved by increasing the density of the mobs. It is quite painfull to have to search for the mobs that you need to kill. Of course there should maybe be some mobs that are rare which give some extra EXP or something, but the basic hollows should not be rare, but there for everyone to level upon.

A better Chat experience

Type of Suggestion: Improve the player communication.

Details: When players write in chat, sometimes, their character tags fill way too much of the chat space. For example, instead of "Squad 11 Member" before a characters name, it should be reduced to "S. 11 #4", where the #4 represent the place that the character occupies in the given squad. That would remove a great deal of useless text in the chat.
Also, since most of the guys in the game can't focus properly and write what they have to say in one clear sentence (not blaming them, but it's the fact of this modern age and I have the same problem) it would clear the Game Chat quite significantly if when a player writes something and then the same player writes the very next thing in the chat, his name shouldn't appear twice in the chat, but the text should just be added to their previous message, without his name making an second appeareance in the chat. (I don't know if I'm being clear enough on what I mean, let me know if I have to explain it in some different manner).

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.


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