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6/3 update

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6/3 update Empty 6/3 update

Post by Kien on Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:15 pm

Zags wrote:The game will be going up later tonight or tomorrow. I haven't really been keeping track of what i'v added since I just open the source whenever i have time and work on stuff but here are some notable things I remember:

Hollow Perks (in addition to current stat cap increases and stat increases):
3perks choose 1 of 3 per evolution - not random

+5% crit chance
+15% crit damage
+5% melee damage
-2% damage taken

+5% crit chance
+15% crit damage
+5% melee damage
-2% damage taken

+5% crit chance
+15% crit damage
+5% melee damage
+5% skill damage
-2% damage taken

+7% crit chance
+20% crit damage
+5% all damage
+7% melee damage
+7% skill damage
-3% damage taken

+50% cero damage
Cero applies slow down for 1.5sec
0 Charge time and +100% Cero Speed

+50% crit dmg, -20% defence for 3 seconds after Criting -3 sec cd
after back hitting u have 1.5seconds to hit the person again and deal 15percent more dmg than normal, goes away upon hitting and can only refresh every 1.5s
25% Crit damage taken
+50% resistance against slows

-7% damage taken but back hits deal 25% more damage against you
+7% damage but take 7% more damage from everything
break out of stuns x2 as fast

turning arrancar:
base stats boosted by 5percent while released
+50% regen rate

-gritz is now a skill shot instead of target based stun (shoot projectile if it hits then they are stunned)

Split up into 2 categories now: traditional and vandenreich

- cant learn ransotengai (immunity to stuns and + 2 movement speed for 30seconds)
- cant learn split shot (shoot 3 arrows/scheeles)
-learns blut veine (all stats go to defence for 10seconds)
-learns blut arterie (all stats go to reiatsu for 10seconds)
-learns volstandig (currently only have juha volstandig in)
-learns everything else

- learns final form
- learns ransotengai
- learns split shot

I will expand on the difference more later.

Arena: can now challenge people to 1v1s and team fights. Brandon's working on a system that lets you fight for espada, captain, and quincy rank spots as well.

- added some sound effects/music around the game and some volume control options
- you can now report bugs and post suggestions in game
- redid the hud completely and lowered screen size
- polished ui a bit
- added charlotte ress into game
- gave ulquiorra oscuras cero
- respira now slows
- added kira
- added dual ichigo shikai:
6/3 update Ee5691776d

- added yammy 2nd ress form
first form: 6/3 update 684debed63
second form: 6/3 update Eacfc4b892

- Inoues can now buff allies with a 10% defence boosts, a 20% defence boost, a 10% attk/rei boost, and a 20% attk/rei boost. these stack even the 10,20 but you can only be effected by 1 of each

exp system:
- no longer gain xp from things that are 7 levels beneath you
- gain 30% from 6 lvls below, 40% from 5, 50% from 4, 60% from 3, 85% from 2, 90% from 1, 110% from 1 above, 120% from 2, 130% from 3 to 13. 100% otherwise
- party xp boost reduced to: +5% from 1 other member, +6% from 2, +7% from 3, +9% from 4, +10% from 5.

- faction crystals are now controlled by guilds instead of factions
- faction (now guild crystal) crystal exp boost reduced to 30%
- world guild crystal boost reduced to 20%
- race war boost reduced to 20% passive and lvl exp
- guild exp rates reduced by 1000% (was too easy to level them)
- captains can now assign their own lieutenants
- added an arrancar mask for each ress

equipment system:
- i'v disabled this for now because i still haven't balanced it with npcs but it works like this right now:
10 slots:
head: defence/hp boost
body: defence/hp boosts
legs: defence/hp boost
gloves: defence/hp boost
boots: defence/hp boost
left hand: either weapon or shield givign either def/hp or attk/rei boosts
right hand: either weapon or shield givign either def/hp or attk/rei boosts
relic 1: various passive boosts and perks
relic 2: various passive boosts and perks
necklace: various passive boosts and perks

these don't have any visual effects but the reason i added equipment was to open up the game to more rewards i can give out for events and stuff

added a couple things to event shop currently:
- Squad Change (150 event points)
- Zanpakuto Change (100 eventpoints)
- Mask Change (25 eventpoints)
- 1000 devours (40 event points)
- VaiReroll (100 event points)
i'll add more and adjust prices once i look at how this pans out over the long run

Shikai and Resses are now random based off a stat of your choice.

Current Zans:
Reiatsu: Hitsugaya","Yama","Byakuya","Urahara","Rukia","Mayuri
Attack: Kira","Zaraki","Soi Fon","Ichigo","Shunsui","Tosen
Glass Cannon: Aizen
more to come

Attack: Yammy","Del Toro","Grimmjow","Charlotte","Nnoitra
more to come
- added emojis
-removed auto aim
- made hitboxes and attackboxes much more accurate

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