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Quincy Guide [Updated]

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Quincy Guide [Updated]

Post by Brioks on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:00 pm


Kojaku: Quincies first of three (3) bows.
Requirement: Completing the Elder quincy's first quest. 
Speed: Slow

Strafe: This technique allows the user to move without changing directions. 
Requirement: Completing the Elder quincy's first quest.

Haizen: This technique creates a rectangular beam of energy which slices through the opponent.
Requirement: Level Five (5) and Five (5) Reishi Control.
Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Shadow Teleport: This technique allows the user to rip open a hole in space to travel between realms. Allows the user to travel to either Earth, Rukongai, Dangai or Hueco Mundo.
Requirement: Level Ten (10). 
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 40 seconds.

Gritz: This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross, which envelops its target. 
Requirement: Level Ten (10) and  Ten (10) Reishi Control.
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Ginrei Kojaku: Quincies second bow. It is composed of Reishi encircling the Quincy cross. 
Requirement: Level Twenty (20) and Twenty-Five (25) Reishi Control.
Speed: Fast

Seele Schneider: The Seele Schneider is a thin, silver-colored weapon which, when activated, sports a glowing blue blade.  When used to strike enemies, the blade absorbs their Reiryoku and gives it you the user. 
Requirement: Level Twenty-Five (25) and gained Forty (40) Reishi Control. 
Cooldown: 40 seconds

Sprenger Pentagon: This technique uses five Seele Schneider to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, creates a massive explosion within its borders.
Requirement: Level Thirty (30) and Fifty (50) Reishi Control. 
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Sprenger: When activated your next 5 shots will allow the user to shoot Seele Schneider to deal massive damage. 
Requirement: Level Thirty-Five (35) and Sixty (60) Reishi control. 
Cooldown: 30 seconds
NB: This skill cannot be used with Final Form.

Ransotengai: Grants the user immunity to all stuns
Requirement: Level Forty (40) and Sixty-Five (65) Reishi Control. 
Duration: 60 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability and defends against all enemy attacks. 
Requirement: Level Forty-Five (45) and Seventy (70) Reishi Control. 
Drawback: While blue vene is activated all attacks will deal 0 damage. 
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
NB: This skill can be toggled OFF anytime during the duration
Does not stack with Blue Arterie

Blut Arterie: The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power. All skills are affected by this boost. 
Requirement: Level Fifty (50) and Seventy-Five (75)Reishi Control. 
Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
NB: This skill can be toggled OFF anytime during the duration
Does no stack with Blut Vene

Final Form: The Final form of the Quincy. This technique grants the user their final bow and increases their attack power my massive amounts. 
Requirement: Level Sixty (60) and Eighty-Five (85) Reishi Control. 
Speed: Medium 
NB: While in this form your arrows knock back enemies.

**!~~Special thanks to Zagros for providing me with details to complete this Guide~~!**


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