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Risen Staff Application

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Risen Staff Application Empty Risen Staff Application

Post by deathangel199677 on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:31 am

BYOND Key:[ichigozangetsu199677]
In-Game Name:[Risen]
[b]Position Applied For:[BWWA gm]
[b]Prior Administrative Experience:[Bleach unforgiven sins, bleach bliss, I own bleach fallen angels, bleach love of my zanpakutou.]
[b]What makes you qualified to join the team?: (I have prior knowledge of being a gm and high a lvl one at that but I don't want that I want to work myself from gm lvl1 up but I only want promoted when seen by the owners themselves I'm doing a job they think is good.
[b]Why do you want to join the team?[ive played this game for years and I have a love for this game. I play it at work school and at home.]
[b]Other Skills (Optional):[]
[b]Examples (Optional):



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