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January/February 2017 Updates

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January/February 2017 Updates Empty January/February 2017 Updates

Post by RedMatch on Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:34 am

- Aizen given a powerful reiatsu based projectile in bankai
- No longer instantly respawn in Urahara's basement when a guild war is going on.
- Zanjutsu clashing now gives a large amount of Zanjutsu experience
- You can now pick the CTF flag up using space
- CTF score info and team info now shown in event output tab
- Hitsugaya Ice Spike is no longer instant
- Hitsugaya Ice Spike is no longer instant
- Hitsugaya Ice Spike now lingers a bit and takes longer to fully extend
- Can no longer use Shikai/Bankai/Ress skills outside of release form."
- Hitsugaya Ice spike south/north hitbox increased to match east/west
- Hitsugaya melee now Reiatsu based
- Hitsugaya ice spikes now go further and properly go in 1 direction
- Added Getsuga Enhanced Blade to ichigo bankai skills
- Added ally target toggle under toggles
- Can now obtain Hitsugaya zan
- Tsuppanne skill cool down increased to 12s
- Getsuga stun no longer works on allies
- Respira no longer works on allies
- Hakuren and Sub-Zero no longer works on allies
- Weak Smash no longer works on allies
- Roar no longer works on allies
- Game no longer closes upon reboot
- Chat options now save but when you log back in the chatbox wil show all output until changed again
- Final form drain now the same as bankai instead of being double it
- Vaizard now spawn in their base
- Added sado drain to sado armor - based off Hakuda
- Sados no longer regen Reiryoku when they have an arm equipped
- Sado arm 1/2 Defence nerfed slightly
- Zanjutsu and Hakuda now only increase damage by 0.2percent per point instead of 0.35
- Acid touch no longer shakes screen
- Stuns now have a 5 second linked cooldown
- Del toro ram cd doubled
- Yammy raging tornado hitbox made bigger
- CTF penalty is now 60 seconds instead of 30
- Ulquiorra lance melee damage nerfed
- Ulquiorra hp regen in segunda increased
- Bala CD increased
- Added 2 arrancar masks
- Urahara restructure heal decreased
- Adjuchas now give 90 devours instead of 60
- Menos now give 50 devours instead of 45
- Vasto Lorde now give 450 devours instead of 200
- Can no longer off screen kido 90
- Soi Fon missile slightly nerfed
- Added Ishida glasses
- Aizen clones no longer stun and now regular melee instead
- Hitsugaya bankai added as a test

- Can no longer Ram with flag
- Chat box save wasnt saving visually
- Race cards did not work in some cases
- Zan changer now removes Hitsu skills
- Hitsugaya melee now uses Reiatsu instead of attack
- Another fix for invisible icons

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