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[solved]Universal Game Guide 2.0

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[solved]Universal Game Guide 2.0 Empty [solved]Universal Game Guide 2.0

Post by RedMatch on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:36 pm

  Welcome to Soul Wars

Character Creation

   When creating a character in soul wars you don't have many options on picking hairstyles as its either you choose to be bald or have a messy style that's recolor able. At the moment their are no other clothes but that is subject to change. Once done creating your character press Finished.

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Character-tells you all your stats including your Yen, faction, and Rank. It also tells you how much Zanjutsu understanding you have if you are a Shinigami/Vaizard

lets you keep track of your quest that you accepted and tells you how many kills or items you have left to collect. It also tells you who to talk to next or where you might have to go.

Skills- shows you what skills you have obtained from training and leveling hard. You can also right click the skills in this window and assign them to a slot or you ca click and drag them to the hot slot window for quick access.

Bag- shows you all the clothing, quest items/items, and weapons depending on class that you've obtained along your journey. You can also press I to quickly access your bag and press it again to close the window.

Passive- shows you all the passives you can train in game depending on your class. It also shows you how much you have in each passive that you've trained and the cap on them to where you cant train it anymore. To look at this just hover your mouse over each icon.

Party- you can create parties here to train and fight with friends as a team. Party exp is boosted when all party members are on the same map and within 20 levels of each other.

Guild- can create guilds at level 10 to have an unity with friends through the game. you can open the guild window to keep track of all the guild activities and our guild level. The higher the guild level the more people you can invite.

Stats- this window is a little different than the character window seeing that you can invest your stat points you gain from leveling into the stat you desire. You can also keep up with your event points from winning events, your devours if you are a hollow, and your hollow kills. Theirs also a respect button that you can use once every 5 minutes to respec your stats and reuse them.
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After creating your character, you will spawn by a Teacher NPC and the classroom entrance. Talk to the teacher and he will give you a quest to go meet and talk with the guy near the pool.
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The pool is located outside the school to the left. A compass will pop up on your screen when you're on the appropriate map pointing you in the right direction for guidance.
After talking with him, he will then ask you to help by defeating some delinquents.

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Delinquents are located back inside the school. Run around and you will find them wearing white shirts and have light blue hair. Keep track of the amount you kill for the quest by opening the Quest log.
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After defeating the delinquents which are located inside the school return to the guy near the pool to complete the quest. Once done with his quest he give you another one to find the Chef and see what he wants. return to the school and go right of the teacher then up until you start seeing some dining tables. There you will find an Chef NPC that will give you a quest to retrieve some candy from Urahara's Shop. For this quest again use the compass on screen to help guide you there.
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Once at Urahara Shop talk to Urahara aka Hats & Clogs. Urahara will tell you to head back to the Chef to return the sugar. Once you do this the Story/tutorial quest line is over and you can start your adventure!!
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Once done with the quest begin your journey on becoming the strongest by training on hollows, doing events, and more quest when added. Did I forget you can participate in all these things in parties with your friends!
Winning guild wars gives your guild 35% exp when training
Capturing territories gives your faction 50% exp when training on the map captured.

Faction Wars gives  30% passive and exp training boost when your faction wins.
All these exp modifiers can be stacked with one another giving you the ultimate training experience!

Game Controls:

Spacebar-Interact with NPCS

I- Open Inventory

Tab- Auto Target

R- Run

F- Basic Attack

G- Strong Attack

H- Back Step

WASD/Arrow Keys- Cardinal Directions

When receiving a skill, right click the skill to assign it to a macro or just click/drag it to the hot slotted preset macros to use it.
At anytime you can change these macros.  
F1>client>file>edit skin>select the appropriate skin file>when it opens select macro at the very top and change/add your macros here.
When you do this and finish be sure to save what you changed/added and relog in game.

Hollow Guide:

A guide to the resurreccion guide is in the link below.

||                           ||                               ||
Resurreccion Guide

||                             ||                                 ||  

Resurreccion Requirements
100 Zanjutsu
Level 40
40 Spirit Control
Be an Arrancar

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You can die to a Demi Hollow outside the school area to the left to become a soul. As a soul you can go to Hueco Mundo (top right of dangai) to become a hollow. Once a hollow, to evolve into the other forms to reach your arrancar state there is devour requirements you must meet.

The numbers for amount of hollows to devour doesn't mean you need exactly that many kills. It means you need to devour that many hollows. So when you look in your character window and it says 40. That doesn't dictate the number of hollows you've killed that's just the amount of devour points you got total from devouring hollows.

Weak Hollow-75 devours
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Medium Hollow-150 devours(Killing mediums give 5 devours per kill)

[solved]Universal Game Guide 2.0 B277cdcf71

Strong Hollow-270 devours(Killing Strong's give 15 devours per kill)

[solved]Universal Game Guide 2.0 D2d94ae307

Gillian Hollow-Random between 1720 and 2720(Killing Gillian's give 50 devours per kill)
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Adjucha Hollow-Random between 6720 and 9720 devours(Killing Adjucha give 90 devours per kill)
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Vastolorde-Devours between 71720 and 74720 devours. Vastolorde's receive a stat boost if attained and a higher Hierro cap.
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***HINT HINT HINT*** Hierro and the rest of your passives raise faster as Vasto Lorde since it gives 4x passive training.

Shinigami Guide:

You can die to the Demi Hollow  outside the school to become a soul. As a soul you can go to Soul Society(top left of dangai).
Once you get to Soul Society you'll spawn in rukongai most likely.
From here keep North until you see a Big Giant Gate Keeper. Beat him up so good he won't remember you beat him up so good LOL!
After that continue North to talk to the Academy teacher and enter the building.
Once you enter the building talk to Renji(Red Head) and you'll become a Shinigami Trainee.

Full Shinigami Requirements
10 Hakuda
10 Zanjutsu
10 Kido mastery

You can raise this faster than normal by punching/slashing the logs northwest inside the building.
Afterwards, you can go to the northeast side of the building and shoot Kidou at the logs allowing you to train faster as well.
When you reach 10 in Hakuda/Zanjutsu/Reiatsu Mastery, talk to Renji once again to become a Shinigami!
Once a Shinigami you can continue to train on the logs until you get 100 Hakuda/Zanjutsu/Kidou Mastery or you can go out into the world and start showing everyone what Shinigamis are capable of!!

Shikai Requirements
20 Zanjutsu
50 Zanjutsu Understanding(To raise this press M to begin meditating.
Level 20
100 Hollow Kills

Once you obtain these requirements try meditating again to get a pop up message to pick your Shikai.

Bankai Requirements

30 Spiritual Control
65 Hakuda
100 Zanjutsu
100 Zanjutsu Understanding
Level 55
Mastered Shikai
Capture 5 Race Crystals and be the one to deal the last hit

Once you get all the requirements meditate til it automatically stops you and you should receive bankai.
Shikais Currently In
Soi Fon


Squad Guide:

Squad Guide for Shinigamis


When you join a squad, you will receive a squad given boost/passive +25% to all stats in shikai/bankai which will almost put you on par with a Vasto form Vaizard.

When you join a squad, you will receive a squad given boost/passive +15% to all stats in shikai/bankai which will almost put you on par with a Vaizard with just his mask on.
To unlock Shunkou you must meet the following requirements:
110 Hakuda
15 backstep
65 flash step
40 kido mastery
Once you meet these requirements go talk to Yoruchi near squad 2 Barracks.
You can't use Shunkou with a shikai/bankai unless it is a Hakuda Shikai(i.e Soi Fon). Majority of your melee damage will be based on your Hakuda.
To train Shunkou use the dummies to the right of squad 2 barracks.
Zanjutsu: Regular cap of 200 and increases melee damage with a sword swing by 0.20% per level
Hakuda: Regular cap of 200 and increases unarmed melee damage by 0.20% per level(also required for Shunkou)
Toughness: reduces damage by 0.35% per point. normally capping at 100. NOTE: this damage reduction happens AFTER all damage multipliers are applied
Back Hit damage: normally is 30%
Critical Hit Damage: normally is 15% - can stack with back hit

Squad Passives:

Squad Passives
***Keep in Mind once you select your Squad there is I REPEAT there is NO WAY to change it.

Squad 1:
First Division:
+15 Attack
+15 Defense
+15 Reiatsu
Squad 2:
Second Division:
+20 Hakuda
+50 Hakuda Cap Limit
+30% Higher Back Attack Damage
+10% Higher Crit Damage
+5 Crit Passive
Shunpo Costs Halved
+100% Shunpo Training Speed
Shunkou drawbacks reduced
Squad 3:
Third Division:
+10% Damage
-10% Damage Taken
Squad 4:
Fourth Division:
A healing Kido which can be placed with your mouse
Can toggle between self, party, faction, guild, all heal - heal scales on your Reiatsu
Squad 5:
Fifth Division:
+25% EXP Gain
+25% Passive Gain
Squad 6:
Sixth Division:
+40 Kido Density Cap Limit
Squad 7:
Seventh Division:
+35 Toughness Cap Limit
+15 Toughness
+20 Defense
+250 Health
Squad 8:
Eighth Division:
+500 Health
+25% Health Regeneration
+25% Reiryoku Regeneration
Squad 9:
Ninth Division:
+10 Zanjutsu
+20 Zanjutsu Cap Limit
+20% Back Attack Damage
+5 Crit Passive
+20% Crit Damage
Squad 10:
Tenth Division:
+20 Reiatsu
+200% (300% total) Zanjutsu Training Speed
Squad 11:
Eleventh Division:
+25 Attack
+10 Zanjutsu
+40 Zanjutsu Cap Limit
+20 Toughness Cap Limit
Squad 12:
Twelfth Division:
+3% Target's Current Health Bonus Damage (Poison)
+10 Attack
+10 Defense
+20% Health Regeneration
+10 Reiatsu
+20% Reiryoku Regeneration
Squad 13:
Thirteenth Division:
+1% Damage per Squad 13 member Online
+1 Defense per Squad 13 member Online

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