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Mastodons Application 4 Staff

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Mastodons Application 4 Staff Empty Mastodons Application 4 Staff

Post by Mastodon on Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:44 pm

BYOND Key: Shadow10

In-Game Name: Mastodon

Age: 23

Position Applied For: Staff/Development Team (Can't dev until later in the year due to irl Studies, so i posted on the staff board)

Prior Administrative Experience: My prior experience isn't just limited to BYOND i modded on Old School Runescape for a few months last year. Staffed on several RSPS including Ultimascape, DreamScape, and DevScape.
Byond Experience is.. 
NNG under the name of Matt.(Staff Position)
Alot of DBZ games including DBZ Inflicted Souls, DBZ Supremacy, DBZ Dark Apoc, DBZ FL, DBZ RU etc my names on there were Fallen, Unknown and alot more.
Mystic Journey. (several old severs)
Icon Ultima (Used to admin for the owner) And so so much more.

What makes you qualified to join the team?: What makes me qualified to join the team is the experience from being a developer myself and experience from already have multiple admin/staff positions on games to begin with. I'm also a University Student of Australia studying Graphics Design with a Creative Games and Technology Major so i can provide a different angle on certain situations that others may not be able to give. As-well as all of this i believe with the skills i possess i can be a very solid and valuable member to the staff/devolpment team.

Why do you want to join the team? I want to join the team to help monitor the game as there seems to be more players asking for help then admins can answer due to the game guide missing several bits and pieces that can easily be filled in by typing one or two sentences in game. I also want to join the team because it's been a long time since i've been attached to anything with BYOND since NNG went down so i've always lost interest and got bored very quickly of BYOND games in general until now. In saying all of this i also believe that by in joining the team i can help better the game, and help those that need to be helped without being abusive or insulting to anyone regardless of my behavior beforehand.

Other Skills In my spare time i also make/record music nothing to serious but i've got a touch pad and synths hoping to get a DJ Top soon and some scratch boards.

I have Discord, Skype, Vent, Teamspeak, Teamchat, and Spark message me for further details. Thanks for taking the time to read!
- Mastodon


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