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Boost for soul reaper squads and espadas

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Boost for soul reaper squads and espadas Empty Boost for soul reaper squads and espadas

Post by darkness on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:30 pm

OK Soul Reapers Each squad we know from the anime/manga has had their own unique touch to them and since this is a lose bleach game these effects or different ability's/passives should be implanted. For ex members of squad 2 will have a higher hakuda cap/Gain as well as a movement speed buff. Another one would be squad 12 have access to technology which would probably have some interesting stuff that they can build or create ... for the right price. captains should be given to players by passing a test which should be some sorta knowledge about the game/show and a fight with  a test administrator. Captains should receive special passives when obtaining that rank for whatever squad they are in some just might be a enchantment of  a already ability they have obtained through there squad. Of course as souls soul reapers are always hungry for rei and will greatly improve there ability within there own territory soul society ... all soul reapers should receive a buff on there land

Espadas Minions of aizen hm legends each rank represents a said persons strength. I think maybe each number gives a different boost/passive for instance  6 would give a strength and rei boost as well as buff speed by a little. 00 Would give a special release and have higher caps as well as a stat boost. I do believe hollows/Espadas should receive some sort of stat boost while in hm because its there natural habit and always seem to be stronger while in it. Of course hollows are the corrupted and quickly learners some even develop unusual ability's which some hollows should have the chance of getting like for every hollow should have a % to obtain a ability when they evolve the chance can be small but these ability's can really change or shake a hollow up making them different then the last joe who recently evolved of course higher/ rare ability's will be down evolution chart and will have a even lower chance to receive compared to the starting evolutions.

That's all for now folks have a nice day and let me know what you think in the comments below


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Boost for soul reaper squads and espadas Empty Re: Boost for soul reaper squads and espadas

Post by Kien on Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:08 am

That is the link to squad benefits

I don't think the espadas #s will be getting any boosts simply because it was just a way of saying who was strongest and constantly changed.

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