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Hakuda suggestions

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Hakuda suggestions Empty Hakuda suggestions

Post by Kien on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:28 am

Hakuda passive - Every 10 hakuda gives you 1% to block hakuda moves and 1% to lower damage from other sources by 25% if you are using hakuda

(So at 200 hakuda=20% chance to block hakuda move, 20% chance to lower damage from anything -including hakuda- by 25% as long as you have no zan/bow/fairies equipped)

25 Strong Punch: A simple strong punch that does extra damage

50 Snake bind: Hook kick your enemy near their neck and while using that as leverage get on their back and choke them (basically just get behind them and bind both user and enemy while doing some damage)

75 Counter Attack: Within 3 seconds of using the move, if you get hit in melee range, you negate damage and hit them with a strong punch

100 Kikuda: Combining kido with hakuda. A toggle that lets you set how much reir you use per punch (even if you miss) and adds damage. (I'm thinking 1 reir = 2.5 damage increase? 100 reir for 250 damage)

Need ideas.

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