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Suggested Gotei13 Revamp

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Suggested Gotei13 Revamp Empty Suggested Gotei13 Revamp

Post by Tyke on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:20 pm

Division 1:
Elitist- If either zanjustsu, hakudo, kido mastery passive is higher than the opponent. The same form of attack will deal an increased damage. +20%(originally 30% thought too op)
Special training- members get increase passive training. +50%
All passives cap limit +10

Division 2:
+40 Hakuda Cap Limit
+15% Higher Back Attack Damage
+10% Higher Crit Damage/ or/ movement speed gets increased slightly and crit dmg +5%
Shunpo Costs Halved
+50% Shunpo Training Speed
Shunko drawbacks reduced

Division 3:
Mystery Squad- Skill costs reduced by 40%
Unawakened zanpakuto deal 1-30% more damage.(based on level)
+10 critical chance cap limit

Division 4:
A healing Kido which can be placed with your mouse. Can toggle between self,party,faction,guild,all heal - heal scales on your Reiatsu
When allies are near a member of this squad they get 100% increased health and reiryoku regen if within 64 pixels. (not sure how difficult this will be to code to work during events)
When near allies the member gets an increased +50% regen (total 150%)

Division 5:
When within (input range here) of an enemy player the member gets heightend awareness and reduced all incoming damage by 1-20% (base on level). (Back hits and criticals do normal damage)
The amount of hollows killed increase the member's skill with their swords. (x numbers of hollows times some multiplier = increased dmg dealt)

Division 6:

Discipline- stun timers are reduced by 0.1 - 1.1 seconds(based on level)
Critical damage reduced by 5%
+40 Kido density cap limit

Division 7:
+35 Toughness Cap Limit
+10% increase on toughness gain
+5-40 Defense(based on level)
+150-700 Health(based on level)

Division 8:

Spiritual Excellence- +50-600 Reiryoku(based on level)
+20 Kido Density cap limit
+4-40 Reiatsu(based on level)
+20% Reiryoku regeneration

Division 9

Unbreakable Bond- +20-40% damage when near memebers of the same squad(changes on the amount of members) (2 members = 20% 3 members = 30% 4 members = 40%)
+5-35 Zanjutsu(based on level)
+20 Zanjutsu Cap Limit

Division 10:
Prodigy- +100% (200% total) Zanjutsu Training Speed
Capitalizing moment- Performing a back hit will increase attack speed by +50% for 3 seconds (10 second cooldown)
Chill of Hyōrinmaru- basic attacks slow enemy by 20% but lower melee damage by 10%(kinda eh about this one but it goes coolio well with previous benefit )

Division 11:

+10-40 Attack(base on level)
+5-40 Zanjutsu(base on level)
+40 Zanjutsu Cap Limit
+10 Toughness Cap Limit

Division 12:
Knowledge of Specimen- +1-5% increased damage on enemy players youve killed before(scale on amount of time player is killed)
+1.5% Target's Current Health Bonus Damage (Poison)
+15 Attack
+25% Health Regeneration
+15 Reiatsu
+20% Reiryoku Regeneration

Division 13:
Honor of Battle- Back hit multiplier is nulified but each back hit gives 100% crit rate
+1-25% crit dmg(based on level)
-10% health regeneration


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