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Captain Challenging

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Captain Challenging Empty Captain Challenging

Post by Kien on Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:51 pm

Modes of challenging: 1v1, 2v2 (Captain and lt), some other method you both agree on.

How to challenge: Contact the captain of your squad and agree on method and time of challenge. Once it is settled, contact a mod and have them record and supervise it.

How often can one challenge: Every 24 hours (or earlier if captain wants to.)

Requirements: Level 65, No other lt/captain/espada alt., bankai

Squad One: Zelo Last challenged: N/A

Squad Two: Sonicfastx Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Three: Dre Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Four: Jota Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Five: Byran Last challenged: N/A

Squad Six: Abdi Last challenged: N/A

Squad Seven: Konev Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Eight: Kriss Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Nine: Isamu Last challenged: N/A

Squad Ten: Map Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Eleven: JeffryxD Last challenged: N/A

Squad Twelve: Cleeper Last Challenged: N/A

Squad Thirteen:  Last challenged: N/A

Kido Corps: Zaine Last Challenged: N/A

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