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Inoue Suggestions

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Inoue Suggestions Empty Inoue Suggestions

Post by BlackStar1134 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:08 pm


Attack: Inoues Attack needs a slight damage buff.
Strong Attack: Inoues Strong attack should be a single tile projectile that does more damage but does not home.

passive -Durability: Inoue has 25% more defense than other races due to her strong durability.
( Power and Abilitys)
"Orihime is strong enough to survive separate assaults by Loly and Menoly, which involved physical attacks and the use of Bala,[294] and minor assaults by Nnoitra and Tesra. It is also stated by a few people that she has a strong head."

Power -Shun Shun Rikka (盾舜六花, Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield; Viz "Six Princess Shielding Flowers")

"Orihime's spirit energy is harbored in the pair of six-petal flower-shaped hairpins that her brother gave her. Shun Shun Rikka is composed of six spirits that reside within the hairpins, each of which is two petals on the clip when inactive.They reside in her hair-clips, which are shaped like six-petaled flowers. Through various combinations of the six fairies, Orihime has the power to reject phenomena by denying or undoing events in various forms.This power can be used for attack, defense, or healing (depending on the combination)."[size=16]

Santen Keshhun (三天結盾, Three Sacred Links Shield):
In my opinion this skill should be added in three different ways!

  1. Santen Kesshun(Shield):This Skill is pretty much already in game but i think that inoue should be able to transport the shield to other persons by targeting them or she should at least be able to use the shield on targets to protect them from further damage.

  1. Santen Kesshun(Movement buff):Inoue is able to shape the shield in a dome-shaped barrier being able to hold her and teammates. Just make her standing on a shield buffing her movement speed by 10-30% or creating a shield under a teammate which buffs his speed by 10-20%.
  2. [size=16]Santen Kesshun(Bind): [size=13]Inoue surrounds her enemy (or ally) by her shield making him unable to move. The shield goes away after a certain amount of damage is taken.

Soten Kisshun (双天帰盾, Twin Sacred Return Shield):

  1. Soten Kisshun (Heal): Inoues healing technique surrounds herself or her teammate and heals her for 10 seconds depending on her rei.

Koten Zanshun (孤天斬盾, Solitary Sacred Cutting Shield):

  1. First Skill [size=16]Koten Zanshun(Send): Inoue sends Tsubaki to her enemy in a 1 tile direction. If Tsubaki hits the enemy he slows them down by a certain amount and does some dmg.[/size]
  2. Second Skill: Koten Zanshun(Split): Tsubaki Activates his shield splitting the enemy in two halves. This Move should be the only high damage move inoue has and should get a high cd but also some good dmg.


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Inoue Suggestions Empty Re: Inoue Suggestions

Post by Zagros (Rhyuke) on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:17 pm

Ill use this as a guideline when i rework inoues thnx
Zagros (Rhyuke)
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