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Vaizard earnable

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Vaizard earnable Empty Vaizard earnable

Post by Blue7x on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:20 pm

Instead of making vaizard only accessible to lucky bastards you could make a way to earn it. In the anime/manga there were several ways to force Vaizard. One way is when Aizen made the hollow white ( ) it took out more than a few soul reapers that were not even close enough to take this thing and bit Ichigo's mom (also I dont care if i spoiled anything js). Then Ichigo's mom went to urahara's to get a pill to stop the soul suicide, and she turned into a hollowfied quincy. However theoretically this can happen to a soul reaper as well and turn them into a vaizard. The other is a unknown virus that aizen managed to put into the current group of vaizards. A way to implement this into the game would be like making a White NPC in the soul society and make him lvl 50. Also note that its a good idea to move White in a more secluded location so someone doesn't accidentally walk into his territory and get soul suicided. Anyway anyone under level 30 gets soul suicided if they get bit White if your level 30+  and get bit by him you have 10-30 mins to get to vaizard hideout before you soul suicide. If you make it then in the time you have left you have to go into your inner world and beat an incarnate of your inner hollow (dont give it the same fucking stats and bankai as your char its just an incarnate of the hollow) and if you win your a vaizard if you lose you turn into a hollow (or adhuches or something). Soul suicide might sound like much but this is an idea take bits or parts of it or don;t it would just be a good idea to make something earn-able rather than luck based.  Side note if my grammar is off I couldn't give less fucks you still read it and so it really doesn't matter.     Refference:


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