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Open Alpha! Empty Open Alpha!

Post by Tetsu on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:11 pm

Open Alpha! Q4EfUIe
To begin, I'd like to finally welcome everyone to the official Open Alpha version of Soul Wars! With Zagros and his team's hard work and dedication we were able to release a nearly stable version of the game, with a decent amount of playable content implemented. Of course with the release of this game it is to be expected to run into a few bugs. Nothing is perfect, that's why we have this section installed into the forums for you guys to post any issues you run into in an organized fashion so that we can keep note of what has been resolved and what issues remain. This version of the game is considered to be a soft launch, the development team are still searching for errors within the game and we need the cooperation of you all to polish the game into a more stable version where much more content can be expected such as the Quincy and Vaizard races, and eventually Sado and Inoue will tag along as well. Stick around and see, until then I wish you all the best of luck and cannot wait to move forward with you all as a community. For the newer players reading this, here is a link to a current guide for in-game functions!
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