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Hollow ideas

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Hollow ideas Empty Hollow ideas

Post by darkness on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:26 pm

After obtaining gillan players should be give the option of what they want to pursue and what they want to sacrifice. This is what will make the future build of the arrancars and allow for diversity. When becoming a gillan you will be prompt on what do you wish to obtain  Regeneration Speed Power Defense or rei upon choosing one you will get a special passive which would increase one of the 5 things you selected out of 3 since you can only evolve three more times. after selecting the thing you wish to obtain naturally you will have to give something up in return for the new found power. which would be regeneration speed power defense or rei. you can do this up to three times one for each rank gillan Aduchas and vasto these special passives can stack.  Making for some unusual builds like a bulky tough guy but slow moving or a high speed regeneration combo but pretty much no strong attacks.

Hollow Skills

Gillan: Stomp- A small radius aoe which stuns and slows down enemy's hit by in it
Aducha: Shred- A Dash which would cut and damage anything hit in the direction the user traveled (small piercing damage)
Aducha:: Acid pool- A aoe liquid based on rei which would damage enemy's over time and apply and weak poison
Vasto lorde: I am king- A buff based on max health and rei which converts a % of it into stats
Vasto lorde: Requiem-A shield based on rei


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Hollow ideas Empty Re: Hollow ideas

Post by Aisux on Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:29 pm

Nice hollows skills, however, I feel as though Vasto lorde skills are a bit too overpowered. Putting max health and rei percentage into stats is a bad idea. (Vasto lorde (I am king)

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