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Temporary Server Downtime

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Temporary Server Downtime Empty Temporary Server Downtime

Post by Tetsu on Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:37 am

Temporary Server Downtime AvWWCdJ
Hello, again, everyone! Unfortunately this time I come as a bearer of bad news. The game will be down indefinitely. The downtime isn't estimated to be very long, Zagros is simply having issues with the server at hand as many players already know. He has simply decided to scrap the current VPS as it's been nothing but problematic and work on polishing the game a bit before purchasing a new server and bringing the game back. As stated before, the wait time isn't estimated to be long, but we aren't able to disclose a ETA for the servers arrival. I ask you all to please be patient in this downtime and continue to check the game's Forums & BYOND HUB whilst you wait and continue to submit bug reports and suggestions. Thank you for your time and commitment to the game and we promise to have Soul Wars back as soon as possible!
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