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Wrath's Staff Application

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Wrath's Staff Application Empty Wrath's Staff Application

Post by Wrath on Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:08 am

Byond Key: Stikk0

In-Game name: Wrath

Age: Just turned 25

Position Applying for: Game Master/Moderator/ Host if needed

Prior Administrative Experience: Owned, hosted, and Game master for Naruto New Beginnings
Modded for Naruto The final Battle, Modded for Bleach Lost soulsĀ 
Created Forum/managed Forum for Naruto: Fated Bonds

What makes you qualified for this job?: I have always been active, I believe that's the biggest part of moderating. Helping out and answering questions and creating Polls to keep the community interested. I have always been considerate of other players when making judgement. I always ran tournaments/events and made it fair for everyone regardless of their levels.

Why do you want to join the team?: With the community growing everyday and hundreds of players online at all times, I'd like to assist the team in moderating. It can be as simple as answering a question or big problems like bugs. Helping out with announcement if needed. You guys could use a helping hand lol.

That Being said, thanks for your consideration.
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